Guided Meditation: Fight-or-Flight Reset

Permanently living in fight-or-flight is highly toxic. For most of us this mode seems very natural and familiar to the point that we don’t recognize it as something problematic or that could be different. Especially after traumatic events we become stuck in this mode. In fight or flight we don’t perceive the world as being safe. We react in the same old ways and repeat the same old patterns. Our instinct goes bad, and we trust wrong people and situations and make bad decisions. In this toxic mode our body can’t heal. Because the fight-or-flight produces a continuous flood of stress hormones that are damaging the brain and block any type of healing.

Take the example of a gazelle that’s been chased by a lion. It will take it a couple of minutes but then it continues grazing peacefully – animals often use their body and tail to shake off stressful energy – that’s their reset mode of their fight-or-flight system. We humans work a bit differently, we need to reset this mode proactively in a different way – and this is, what this guided meditation will do.

In this meditation I will guide you and reset your fight-or-flight mode. By signing up for the newsletter you get free access to the meditation.

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