Most often I hear “Would I have just worked with you years ago. It would have saved me much drama and pain.”

Many people come when their life has derailed massively like a disease has manifested or some traumatic things are happening in their lives. Only a few embark on this journey at a stage where things have not derailed and manifested in negative ways yet. You can imagine that a course correction is much easier ahead of time compared to when things have already manifested and picked up speed and created momentum.

Save yourself time and pain and take action now!


What clients say who have embarked on this journey

After over 10 years of no contact with my father, I was able to re-establish a wonderful relationship with him.
For the first time I could cope with the loss of my son.
For the first time I dare to show the world who I truly am.
After many years of having lived with his grandmother, my son finally returned back home.
My entire life I had to go through this recurring pattern of betrayal and abandonment which finally does not haunt me anymore.
Finally the pain in my body is gone.
The most transformational thing I’ve ever done.
I found meaning in my life beyond my successful career.
I finally could release all pain of my childhood abuse. For the first time in my life I feel being me and I feel free and full of joy.
Had I just met Monika Maria years ago, it would have saved me a lot of pain, time and money.
I still can’t believe how my emotional world changed as well as my outer world.
It not only changed my past, that I could finally make peace with, but my entire life.
I grew a much better and intimate relationship with my husband.
After having been on a search for so many years, I finally know who I am and what I’m here for – it’s beyond words to live my own life.

“Using her intuition and sharp view she could easily identify the core topic with all my negative feelings and toxic patterns that needed to be released in order to move into a state of peace and serenity. She always was very quick right to the point. The space of trust and safety that she is able to create, allowed me to open up and be my true self, face my real wounds and transform them into power and wisdom. After just a few sessions, she helped me release old fear, anger and despair along with toxic connections with friends and family that were preventing me from being happy, joyful and peaceful. Thanks to Monika, now I can experience the beauty of life with a heart full of love.”,

“A life changing experience–each and every healing session with Monika has been profound and powerful.”
Kostas, Greece

“My name is Brian. I was living my life as an emotional chameleon. I didn’t know why I wasn’t happy, but I wasn’t. I was depressed. I had disturbing thoughts & dreams. My temper was out of control for no reason. I tried everything & if something worked, it was only temporary. If I smiled, it was because work required me to. Monika gave me my life back. I can’t reiterate that enough. My depression was causing relationship problems. My mental state was toxic for me, not to mention everyone around me. Monika assessed the problem and walked me through the issue with what I can only describe as a soul cleansing. I will forever be grateful and thankful for Monika’s help. She is professional, caring, and her sincere nature to help, made opening up and trusting the process feel as natural as breathing. Thank You, Monika!”

“Monika gave me my life back. I will forever be grateful.”
Brian, US

“I have to start by saying that as a scientist it is not easy for me to believe in things that I cannot rationalize or grasp. When I met Monika, I had no idea what gifts she has and that she would change my life the way she did. I would say that meeting her was by fate.I had a topic that had bothered me more than 5 years and I thought I had tried every possible solution. This topic was anything but easy and not just affected me but also loved ones very close to me.Monika introduced me and helped me to open up to new perspectives with great sensitivity and empathy and with my inner attitude “if it doesn’t help, it doesn’t harm” I confidently got myself into it. And what can I say–it has fundamentally changed my life and the lives of the ones I love the most. Less than two weeks after our second session, the one thing happened that I no longer dared to hope for. I am overjoyed and can hardly believe my luck. That was 4months ago and for me it is like a miracle and I am infinitely grateful every day.I still don’t know what superpowers Monika has, how and why it “works”, but the result leaves no doubt. I ask for your understanding that I am not going into any details here in order to protect the privacy of my loved ones. I am happy to answer questions in a personal conversation.”

“Working with Monika has fundamentally changed my life. It is like a miracle and I am infinitely grateful every day.”
Isabella, Austria

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