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25. April 2022




People are sometimes skeptical when dealing with energy healers and Shamans and ask how this integrates into our modern-day lives. Here is my way of seeing it:

From an early age, we have been indoctrinated with beliefs and pretended knowledge that we all too easily internalize without reflection. In the name of civilization and progress we have created “Gods” outside of us–like science, medicine, technology, artificial intelligence and totally disconnected from a higher truth, inner guidance, and wisdom. Advancement is a great thing, but not when we give upon our own innate power where self-healing and our creator force lay.

Despite all the great technological tools and advancement, diseases explode, suicides peak, divorce rates are higher than never before, aggression and war climax. Let me ask you, do we as human race really evolve?

And this is where we can learn from ancient and indigenous traditions–they can be the bridge between ancient wisdom and our modern-day lives. Because only when we are connected with our essence, true power and inner wisdom, we can create a world of abundance, health, happiness, love and peace–for ourselves and all living beings.

We need to unlearn all the wrong assumptions and beliefs we hold and open ourselves to the world beyond the material–that’s where anything and everything is possible, that’s where true power lies.

We need to revert to a place where we don’t trust Google, nor the media, not even books. We need to see them as sources of inspiration.But the real source of wisdom lies within us-there you find the unmistakable instinct for good and bad, truth and lie.

In my work I help my clients to re-connect with their inner compass and source of wisdom and knowing.

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